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Gate Repair Technicians

Gate Repair Technicians

We provide first rate services for gate and garage door repairs at a reasonable price.

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New Garage Door Installation

New Garage Door Installation

Our notable expert crew provides professional garage door installation service based on diligence, adept skill, fine dexterity, and a wealth of experience.

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Garage Door Opener

Garage Door Opener

We have the best team for garage door opener repair services and we guarantee great electric opener replacement, maintenance and sensors repairs

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Are you interested in getting the right answers to all your garage door questions? Here we offer you the answers you are looking for. They are answers to frequently asked questions and they show you how to keep safe and have strong garage doors. Our answers are tools -they are solutions!

We make your life easy by providing great, short answers to all your garage door related questions

Are there differences among cables?

Garage door cables must be chosen according to your spring system and whether you have a vertical, high or standard-lift garage door. Cables come in different lengths according to the specialists of our company in Wood Dale and each system would also need different cable drums.

How do I choose tracks?

Garage door tracks come in different lengths, widths and thickness depending on the garage door system. An overhead door will need horizontal, curved and vertical tracks but vertical-lift systems won't need the curved section of the tracks. They have an extra vertical track for the assembly of springs.

Can my garage door suffer UV damage?

If the outer panels are made from plastic material, they will be prone to UV damage such as fading, brittleness and cracking. However, these types of damage typically appear after many years of constant exposure to the sun. You can apply suitable paint for protecting the panels.

Is it okay to use makeshift part replacements?

Our experts do not advise the use of makeshift part replacements even if the item looks and feels like the original. If you need to replace or repair any garage door part, make sure you order genuine products because the garage door would work better overall with original parts.

Can I get assistance for garage door repair after hours?

Garage door repair Wood Dale operates a 24 hour service and has an emergency service available on weekends too. The customer support is always ready to help you out with your garage door issues and respond promptly.

Why is it important to measure the garage?

The garage must be measured when there's need to replace the existing garage door and possibly switch to another door type. Customers must measure the distances in the garage but also outside in the driveway if they want swing-out doors. The results will give you an idea of what type and size door are suitable. Measure the headroom, side parts, and backroom.

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